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The Ultimate Localization Solution for Israel

The only legally compliant JD Edwards localization licensed in Israel. Align your ERP system with Israeli tax law and your global business model.

About the Company

Alfasi Consulting advises and supports global clients with ERP system implementations, country localizations, and multi-company, global rollouts.


Results-Driven Solutions


Spend Less Time On Compliance Issues
and More Time On
Your Business.

The Israeli Tax Authority regulations require companies operating in Israel to use software authorized by their rigorous registration process. Our automated solutions help ensure compliance.


Keep Working
the Way You’ve Been Working.

Our software solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique business needs of companies operating in Israel without compromising the global business model.


Let Us
Guide You Through
Every Step.

Whether you are a global company planning to roll out your ERP system in Israel or an Israeli company wanting to upgrade your bookkeeping system to conduct global business, we can assist you in all aspects of obtaining compliance for your global ERP solution in Israel.

Israeli Localization
for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Oracle Validated Integration: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Ensures compliance with Israel tax law for your JD Edwards system.

  • Integrate your Israeli company without changing your global business model.

  • We’ve got you covered! Full product support for changes in Israeli tax law means you no longer need to worry about compliance issues.

  • The only legally compliant JD Edwards solution licensed in Israel.


VAT - Integrated with standard JD Edwards Tax Rate/Areas for VAT
  • VAT Reporting PCN874 with Israeli VAT Types

  • Supplier Self Invoice

  • Pro Forma Invoice

  • Import Invoice

  • VAT AR and AP reconciliation reports

  • Tax ID validation

Unified file
MASAV bank payment file
Supplier Withholding - Complete system to achieve full compliance with withholding tax regulations and reporting.
  • Integrated in standard JD Edwards Automatic Payment Process

  • Automation to easily maintain current Withholding and Bookkeeping certificates.
    - System 1000 interface
    - MIVZAK interface
    - Automatic Certificate and Bookkeeping holds


  • Tax Reporting
    - Annual 856
    - Monthly Withholding Report
    - Annual Letter to Suppliers 857

Forms in Hebrew
  • Tax Invoice

  • AR Cash Receipt

  • Delivery Note

  • Debit Memo

  • Receipt for goods received

  • Form 1342 -Fixed Assets

  • Hebrew check printing

Exchange rate interface to Bank of Israel
Future dated check processing
Bank statement reconciliation

Meet the Team

We specialize in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, including Finance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Contract Billing, Service Billing, and Real Estate Management.






Senior Localization Consultant


News & Articles


System 1000 (מערכת 1000) Changes Made for 2023


Open Format Readiness


Alfasi’s Israeli Localization receives OVI from Oracle

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