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VAT Report Error Codes קודי שגיאה אפשריים בקבצי מע”מ

There are months where reporting VAT online, uploading the PCN874 file and checking everything is OK and submitting the file will run smoothly and take a few minutes of our time. Then there are those horrible months where things go wrong. A couple of silly user errors in data entry like a supplier invoice number was not entered or the Import Tax Number (Reshimon רשימון) was entered incorrectly, and we get error messages from VAT. So what do those error messages mean and how do we go about fixing the problem.

Deep down in the Frequently Asked Questions page of the VAT website, we found a PDF containing all the error messages related to the PCN874.TXT file.

The PDF contains the error name and code number as well as a brief explanation of the error. The PDF can be found here.

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